A healthy mother has a healthy baby

Poor maternal health leads to low-birth weight babies – the single biggest cause of infections, stunting, malnutrition and poor brain development in surviving children under the age of 5. Additionally low-birth weight babies are born to teenage mothers, of poor health and education. Therefore we address the entire life-cycle of the mother from adolescence. We also follow the “First 1000 days” practice, wherein the child’s first 1000 days from conception, lays the most critical foundation for physical health and brain development of a child.


– HOME VISITS AND COUNSELING to gather information on the health status and disseminate correct information on health and health services.
 Educational workshops for mothers, families and adolescent girls to understand nutrition and its impact on physical and mental development.
 Regular workshops on pregnancy, feeding practices, pre and post natal care to ensure maternal compliance with the current standards in self and child care.
 The community health workers are trained by Ummeed Child Development Centre to identify children with malnutrition and developmental delays. This training enables them to work with families of children at risk for developmental delays and provide appropriate interventions.
 They are also trained by SNEHA, to improve the quality and efficacy of our nutrition and mother and child programs and interventional strategies.

IMPACT: 2015 -2016

• 97% of the women chose institutional births.
• 85% of the babies born were in healthy weight zone, against the national average of 65%
• More than 77% of the mothers completed their immunization protocols
• About 72% of the children in infancy and toddler years showed normal growth and development (green zone). Of the balance underweight and malnourished children, more than 61% were tracked back into the green zone.
• 200 adolescent girls have received health monitoring and several have chosen to delay their marriage by 2 years or more, positively impacting the maternal-infant health cycle.